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Priority Academic Educational Concierge & Tutoring Services

Why Tutoring Is A Priority  

One on one sessions that are individualized to learner's needs, help develop and strengthen skills that can be easily overlooked in the classroom setting. Tutoring is also a priority for enrichment opportunities, where tutors can provide one on one or small group support to help students excel at the next level of learning. These areas are harder to hone in on in the common classroom, but with tutoring sessions and collaboration with parents/guardians we can ensure sessions that are focused on what each learner will benefit from the most. 

Licensed Teachers

We provide licensed teachers with highly effective skills to best support learners.

Equitable Values

Here at Priority Academic Tutoring  our mission is to be accessible to all families so we offer highly competitive rates.


With an undersatnding of the busy schedules families have, we serve families in their home, or a location that is suitable for you. This takes the travel time out so you can spend more time with your families.

Individualized Sessions 

Every client has a free consultation where we develop learning goals that meet the needs of each child. Individualized sessions allow for the whole learner to be respected in the process including social emotional learning, learning styles, and interests. 


Parents are an integral component of their child's learning. That's why we ensure parents are part of the goal setting sessions during collaboration, and monthly as long as sessions continue. This collaboration will allow for updates from school reports, new interests, and/or concerns. The learner's progress will be explained and goals will be reassessed.


About Priority Academic Tutoring 


Priority Academic Tutoring has a mission to ensure every student and family have access to rigorous learning opportunities that are affordable, and meet the demands of todays' working families. As an educator and mother, Founder Tiffanie Catron, wants to ensure that tutoring is accessible for all children. Early learning is imperative for children to learn critical foundational skills for success. Tiffanie has classroom experience, as well as facilitation and educational leadership experience, creating a knowledge base well rounded in understanding various learning styles and approaches. Her background as an elementary educator and reading specialist help her develop the best tutoring experience catered to the whole child, and pair the most suitable licensed teacher with your learner for tutoring sessions. 

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